Amanda B. From Manhattan wrote:

1/14/2020 Excellent customer service, timeliness and overall experience. I would highly recommend working with White Glove Memories Digitzing.

Rob S. from Brooklyn wrote:

9/11/2019 Couldn't be happier with the tape to digital transfer service. Most of these new transfer places really don't understand the technology involved but Magno/White Glove has  been around and really understands video. they were really able to help troubleshoot some of my technical issues. I finally am able to watch some of the memories I thought I had lost!

Paul A. from Brooklyn wrote:

2/13/2020  I needed to transfer some old Hi8 tapes that I no longer had any way of playing. I also had a rewritable DVD with some personal footage on it that was not playing back correctly. White Glove transferred the Hi8s and recovered the footage on the DVD. Everything was put on a flash drive for me. The staff is super friendly and they turned it all around sooner than they estimated. Could not be happier with these guys! It looks like they can transfer from just about any kind of old video. I'm not sure if they can do something like 8mm film but I would not be surprised if they could. I highly recommend them!

Darrell M. from Manhattan wrote:

5/12/21 AMAZING COMPANY! I worked with David and he was informative and patient every step of the way. Their work was stellar and I will DEFINITELY be returning with more of my videos. I highly recommend White Glove Memories!!!

Jesse S. from Manhattan wrote:

3/15/21 David and his team were AMAZING! My family had about 50 old VHS tapes and we didn't want to let them deteriorate. I scheduled an appointment to meet with David, and within 1 week they were all transferred to a thumb drive. Very easy process. Didn't want to risk sending them away in the mail to an unknown service. If you need to covert your tapes this is a great place to do it.

Sabrina S. from Manhattan wrote:

3/12/21 I was hesitant about mailing in my family's precious home videos to one of those random services. After a friend recommended White Glove, I spoke to David and immediately felt very comfortable! I was able to drop off the tapes in person and go over the process with him. It took about two days to get the digitized files, super quick! I couldn't recommend White Glove enough! Great, local people with amazing knowledge and service!

Randy from Brooklyn wrote:

3/1/20 There is no one better at this than White Glove. You'll be dealing one on one with someone handling your old photos and videos, which is what you want. They're quick and careful. You couldn't ask for more.

Sara from Manhattan wrote:

7/2/20 Great service and fast turn-around time. I wish I had more home videos to convert. It was very much worth it.

Janice from Manhattan wrote:

7/2/20 Excellent quality and really fast service! Highly recommend.

Robert C. from Manhattan wrote:

9/8/2019 I've used other digitizing services in the past and didn't realize how much of a difference there could be. The folks at White Glove went above and beyond to ensure my box of old deteriorating video tapes were given the TLC they needed for a proper preservation. They indexed my entire box of VHS, DV tapes, labeled them and explained the process to me so I could understand how my videos were being transferred. A week later a huge jumbled box of tapes ended up on a small thumb drive. I couldn't be happier. Highly recommend them!

Nicole M. from Manhattan wrote:

7/25/2020 After helping to clean our home, we came upon a box of old tapes. Most of them were not labeled, but we didn't want to throw them away. White Glove Memories went through each of the tapes to let me know which was a duplicate, or didn't have anything on it and only charged me 1x per video. In addition, the customer service was superb with a personal pick up and delivery afterward. Plus, the pricing was extremely reasonable. I highly recommend them!

  Note: I had originally found XXXX and thought that would be the easiest thing to do to digitize the tapes. However after reading reviews and videos of how the tapes were destroyed and never returned, I decided to go with a local service that I felt comfortable with.

Thanks David for your help!!

Ian K. from Manhattan wrote:

1/13/2020 I was reluctant to send our irreplaceable home movies out of state to some digitizing factory so being able to personally hand these films to someone at White Glove was awesome. I was amazed at the quality of our movies from the 60s. They even were able to transfer an 8mm format film we’d never seen before. Great that the files were delivered to the cloud AND on thumb drive too. Truly white glove service!

Alice T. from Brooklyn wrote:

1/10/2020 Fast, professional, and SUPER knowledgable - certainly a service I have recommended to friends and family

Ronni T. from Brooklyn wrote:

1/11/2020 Great service and very professional. I have a bunch of old format video and film from about 3 generations of my family and it's so nice to have it digital for sharing with everyone - and very affordable