About White Glove
(a div of Magno Sound Inc.)

In the beginning… Magno was founded in 1950 by Ralph Friedman, the sound man for the television classic, Candid Camera. However, Ralph wasn’t preoccupied with thoughts about the program’s eventual place in TV history, he was too busy dealing with complex audio challenges such as hiding a bulky broadcast microphone in the leg of a department store mannequin, or wiring a mailbox so it could “talk.” In the midst of these challenges, Ralph realized he was witnessing – and participating in – the emergence of a new medium poised to define the next, exciting generation of mass entertainment. He also recognized that the burgeoning television industry would confront numerous challenges similar to the ones he had already faced, so he created his own facility to handle them – Magno Sound. Magno set up shop in Times Square. Magno originally focused on audio, recording and mixing for TV programs and motion pictures. From there, Magno evolved, a hallmark of the company, adding new film and audio post services throughout the 1950s and 1960s and then, in the 1970s, helping to spearhead the video revolution by becoming one of the first U.S. facilities to offer film-to-tape services on the Rank Cintel Telecine. Over 70 years later, Magno is an industry powerhouse that ranks as one of the East Coast’s most comprehensive Production and Post-Production Companies. Led by Bob Friedman and David Friedman, Magno employs some of the most exceptionally creative and experienced professionals who provide an ever-growing range of diverse services for film and TV.

White Glove Memories, Digitizing:
Magno was a pioneer in the digitizing business in the early days of VOD encoding for cable television. Throughout the early 2000’s, as the industry transitioned for tape to digital, Magno worked with all the TV networks and many Cable Channels to digitize their content that existed on both analog and digital tape formats. In 2019, White Glove Memories was created to focus specifically on the consumer digitizing market. While most competitors require the customer to ship their home videos, films and photos out of town to be digitized, White Glove performs all work in house, in NY. This eliminates the worry and concern many clients have with regard to safety of their precious materials. Since our roots are in the professional arena, our equipment, attention to detail and customer service is unmatched.

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