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Preserve Your Legacy

As our videotapes & films age and the equipment becomes obsolete, it is time to DIGITIZE your "at-risk" home movies. The lifespan of videotape is said to be 15 to 20 years. Our tapes and films are degrading and will eventually be lost forever. Our local, White Glove Concierge service is designed to give you personal attention in the heart of Midtown Manhattan and Lower Westchester. We can digitize all of your precious moments to files, in our NYC studio, so that you can archive and share them with your loved ones. Free local pickup and delivery is available. Or you can come visit our midtown facility to meet our friendly staff for a free consultation. We will help organize your films and tapes for digitizing.



8mm and Super 8mm Film

Your Precious Film is Scanned Frame-by-Frame to HD(1080p) - Flicker Free Results

Video & Audio

Home Video/Audio and Professional Formats

VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, S-VHS-C, Betamax, Hi8, Digital8, Video8, MiniDV, HDV, Umatic, BetaSP, DigBeta, HDCAM, HDCAMSR,
Audio Cassette, 1/4" Reels, Micro Cassette

Photos & Slides

Scan, Restore and Preserve

300dpi - 1200dpi
up to 8.5 inches wide, Postcards, Polaroid Photos and Panoramas

NYC Concierge Service

Local and Safe

We will pick up and drop off in Manhattan or you can visit us at our midtown facility. Bring your tapes and we'll work with you to organize your project. You'll love our service because it's Local, Easy, Fast and Safe.

Thumb Drive or Cloud Delivery

Archive and Share

Our experienced technicians carefully transfer your precious originals (videotapes, audiotapes and films) to files. One "thumb" drive will hold over 20 hours of audio and video (.mp4 files). Our state of the art equipment enables us to acheive the best possible playback to ensure high quality files. We return your originals along with thumb drives that are ready to be enjoyed and shared.


State of the Art Facility

Our Video Capture Systems record video in convenient H.264 (.mp4). This format is suitable for Laptops, Desktops, Iphones, iPods, iPad and Apple TV. Video is ready to edit in iMovie, Windows Live Movie Maker, upload directly to YouTube or just watch and reminisce! We can also transfer to Apple ProRes if you prefer.

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